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Item #2878372

Item #2878372

Product Info
Boost the performance and enhance the exhaust note of the Freedom® 106-ci V-Twin in your Victory Vision with this Stage 1 Exhaust (Level 1). Along with the exhaust, this kit includes the Victory Performance Air Filter and EFI calibration. This system retains the stock heat shield. Because of the need to recalibrate the EFI so performance is optimized with the freer intake and exhaust, dealer installation is required. Available for both 49 and 50 state bikes. See your Victory dealer to determine which exhaust is right for your bike - and your area.

Important Regulatory Information

Victory performance kits are designated for racing applications. Each kit is designated with a warning triangle to indicate the restrictions that may apply. Click on the appropriate item number below to review potential regulatory penalties for inappropriate installations of this item.

Item # 2876546 (49 State Bikes)

Item # 2876873 (50 State / California Bikes)