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18/05/2015 12:00:00 AM

Press Release: 5 Minutes with Ben Hannant

5 Minutes with Ben Hannant

Rugby League star Ben Hannant joined the Victory Motorcycles stable in 2014 as a brand Ambassador. A keen motorcyclist, Hannant has represented Australia and Queensland, and been a key member of the Brisbane Broncos team and recently moved to the North Queensland Cowboys. Currently riding a Hammer S Ben recently uprooted from Brisbane and now resides in Townsville. On the field, Ben is bold and maverick, hence the perfect fit for Victory Motorcycles. We caught up with our Rugby champion to get a quick snapshot of what makes this Victory Ambassador tick.


Ben Hannat & his Victory Motorcycle


Greatest achievement on the field

BH: Winning the Grand Final in 2006 and winning the Origin series and 4 Nations in England.


Greatest Achievement off the field

BH: My family


How is it going in Townsville? Have you settled in?

BH: We have settled in really well, the family is enjoying it, the people are friendly, there are lots of motorbike tracks, the kids are doing cycling at the velodrome and the weather is awesome all year round.


Outside of riding and playing rugby league, do you have any hobbies that you are currently involved in?

BH: I enjoy surfing which I can’t do much of in Townsville; however I can’t wait to head to Bali in the off-season to do some. I have taken up golf a couple of mornings a week, which I enjoy!


How long have you been riding?

BH: When I was young I had a Peewee 50 motorbike, and once I got married had my son I got back into riding. My son has raced since he was 4 years old, motorcross. When I lived in Sydney I rode a bike to work every morning when I was at the Bulldogs. I enjoy the freedom of riding, I have done it most of my life, It keeps me relaxed.


What do you enjoy about riding?

BH: I enjoy the relaxed, free feeling and the movement of the body. It is like your flying, makes the journey enjoyable, and you enjoy the experience of travelling. I also like the high speeds!  


What are the bikes you have ridden in the past?

BH: Motorcross bikes, dirt bikes, postie bikes, road bikes and a Victory motorcycle – which I love!!  


Your favorite ride destination.

BH: Hinterlands on the Gold Coast and Northern NSW. I also enjoyed going on the Victory rides in Brisbane and the whole experience learning about new bikes and meeting new people.


You have been riding the Victory Hammer for 6 months….what do you like about the bike? What do your team mates think about the bike? 

BH: At the moment I am riding the Hammer. What I like about it is the wider rear tyres, you have to use body and weight more when turning corners. I also like the flowy nature of all the Victory Motorcycles. The bike is great for short trips and cruises. My team mates love the bike. A lot of them ride scooters so are envious of my Victory.


Which bike do you have you eyes on to ride next?

BH: The Magnum – it has all the bells & whistles. I can have the kids or wife on back and go for a ride for a few hours. I can also enjoy the stereo system while riding!  



Ben Hannat & his Victory Motorcycle


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