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6/06/2016 12:00:00 AM

Octane has arrived in Australian Dealerships

Victory Octane Australia

Octane has arrived in Australian Dealerships

Test rides now available




The highly anticipated Victory Octane has arrived in Australian Dealerships nationwide with test rides now available for this exciting new model!


The all-new Victory Octane is a 1200cc, liquid-cooled V-twin—Victory’s first-ever liquid-cooled engine that utilizes dual overhead cams and four-valve heads to rev beyond 8,000 rpm and put down an authoritative 103 horsepower. That’s more horsepower than any Victory motorcycle ever built. And weighing just 242kg, it’s the lightest Victory motorcycle ever built, too. No surprise, then, that Octane is also the quickest Victory down the quarter-mile, and the fastest from 0-60 mph, too.


A stiff and light cast-aluminium frame transmits every last one of those horsepower directly to the pavement. Sharp steering geometry, a tight, 1577mm wheelbase and 32-degrees of available lean angle deliver agility previously unknown to American V-twin motorcycles. Muscular styling cuts an undeniably modern profile and a sportbike-inspired bullet cowl improves airflow over the rider at the triple-digit speeds Octane is built to achieve.


Priced from just $18,995 rideaway, head in to your closest Victory dealership for a test ride or phone 1300 721 360 for more information.





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