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7/08/2015 12:00:00 AM

Press Release: Victory Motorcycles Sponsors 2015 Wall to Wall Ride

Victory Motorcycles Sponsors 2015 Wall to Wall Ride


The Wall to Wall Remembrance Ride takes place every year in September to honour the service and sacrifices of many police officers killed while in the line duty. This ride helps to raise money for each State’s Police Legacy Charities and also works to promote safe and lawful motorcycling.


This year Victory Motorcycles has put its hand up to be a proud sponsor of this important cause and ride.


In addition to sponsoring the event, Victory Motorcycles will donate $100 for every bike sold to a law enforcement officer to the officer’s home State Police Legacy, for the remainder of the year.


Victory Motorcycles Country Manager, Peter Harvey says, “Victory Motorcycles is passionate about being involved with Police Legacy and supporting this important charity in the community.”


The Wall to Wall Ride for 2015 will be the largest gathering of police motorcycle enthusiasts ever assembled in Australia,” says Wall to Wall organizer, NSW Assistant Commission Michael Corboy.


Riders will start their journeys from the respective State Police Memorial en route to Canberra. On Saturday 12 September 2015 at the National Police Memorial, participants riding from all over Australia will gather to pay tribute to fallen comrades.


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