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Our new, high-performance NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) team is ready to light’em up on the drag strip this year. Victory Racing will be showcasing the power and performance of the Victory brand in the 2015 NHRA Mellow Yello Drag Racing Series. Not only will we be serving up the heart-pumping, teeth-rattling pure adrenaline of NHRA – we’ll be going all out to set the 200 mph record on the quarter-mile track.

We’ve got the muscle to make history happen: NHRA power-couple Matt and Angie Smith will be racing a tricked-out, custom Gunner in this series fit for adrenaline junkies. Matt boasts two World Champion titles and seventeen career wins – but the one to watch may just be Angie, who notoriously defeated Matt last season for her first career win. Meet the team and get in on the excitement at the Victory Hospitality Booth; just stop by before any of the sixteen race events this season.

Known for earth-shaking excitement, NHRA is the largest auto racing organization in the world. Over the past 60 years, drag racing has evolved into one of the fastest, most intense sports on the planet. Fans have unparalleled access to their favorite drivers and teams at NHRA events, they get to feel the heat of competition as teams rebuild engines between races, and now they get to experience the raw power of the Victory Racing team blasting off the line as they go for the 200mph world record!




Q & A

How did you get started in racing?

AS: As a kid I was always taken to the local circle track, not a drag strip. Against my parent’s will, when I was 19, I bought a street bike and started taking it to the local track; and it kind of just progressed from there.

MS: I got started racing in 1994/1995. I took my local street bike to the track after I saw my dad race. I just wanted to be like him.

What are your greatest accomplishments in racing so far?

AS: Winning Epping, New Hampshire last year in the NHRA is by far my biggest accomplishment. It took me 7 years to win an NHRA race, and it was a really tough battle because it’s not easy racing in the NHRA.

MS: Probably 2 world championships in NHRA in Pro Stock racing.

What makes Victory the right partner for your team?

AS: I think our team is very unique compared to other teams; we’re husband and wife. We work together and we race together but we also race against each other. We want to win for our team, and we want to win for victory.

MS: Both of us are driven to win. We want to help promote Victory and show the world that we’re both capable of winning

What impresses you about the street version of the Victory Gunner?

AS: I really love these bikes, they ride very smooth! One of the things is that they’re very sleek and eye-catching. They look racey and have a level of comfort that’s different from the other manufacturers.

MS: How smooth the Gunner is, and not only the Gunner but every bike in the line-up. I’ve ridden quite a few bikes and Victory Motorcycles are some of the smoothest and most comfortable riding experiences.

Advice for riders making their first ride down the drag strip?

AS: Don’t go out there and try to kill it the first time you go down the track. It’s a learning curve and you have to learn how to race. You’ve got to have fun, you just have to learn the fundamentals of racing first.

MS: Have fun! You have to have fun, if you aren’t there’s no use in doing it. Don’t race on the street, always go to your local track. Go check out the performance on the bikes, they are pretty badass straight from the factory.

What is the ideal outcome when you race against each other?

AS: Well the IDEAL outcome would be for both of us to win, but that can’t happen. The ideal outcome for me (because I’m selfish and I want to win!) is that I win and he takes runner up. As a racer, if you are a true racer, you just want to win, no matter who is in the other lane. You want to win for yourself, you want to win for your team, and you want to win for your sponsors. I would love to be the first person on our team to put a Wally on Victory’s shelf.

MS: We want to race heads up and fair, may the best man or woman win. It was so funny because the first race of the year, Angie and I had to race each other and we had a mistake by a crew guy so we didn’t even get to race! She got the win so could have been a different outcome, could have been the same one. The main thing is we got a number one qualifier for team Victory.

What do you enjoy most about meeting Victory riders and guests in the Victory Club at races?

AS: It’s a great group of people. This is a new group coming out to the races and I think it’s awesome that we get to meet them, and that they get to enjoy what we have going on with the Victory Club. It gives us a chance to talk to the dealers and the riders and get a different perspective on everything. They are all very loyal customers; and everyone is so nice. Overall it’s just a really great deal what they are doing.

MS: I didn’t know there were that many Victory riders out there. There were a lot of dedicated true, Victory owners and it’s good to see the loyalty of the brand. That’s the main thing we enjoy seeing. We want to see more of those owners and help Victory as a brand grow. I think once people ride Victory they’ll be true fans.


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