RiderX: The Last Motorcycle Travel App You’ll Ever Need

Take advantage of everything RiderX has to offer.

We’ve all been there: The picture-perfect Saturday. Nothing holding you back. 

Mowing the lawn? That can wait. 

Trying to figure out the difference between an heirloom tomato and a regular one at the farmers market with the wife? Please. 

It’s riding weather. 

You throw on a helmet, your favorite jacket and hit the open road. Destination: unknown.

Maybe you’ll take the long way up to the lake. It won’t be busy this time of year. That’ll take some gas though. 

Better fill up at the only station in town that has decent coffee. 

Then get some of those onion rings at the place on the hill with the green door. Yeah, those sound good. Haven’t had those in a while. 

The perfect day. The coffee was fresh at the fill-‘n’-go. The only tomatoes you had to think about were in your ketchup. The weather held up. No chubby kids in sweat-stained T-shirts at the lake. Great day. Great ride. 

It was a great ride, yes, but it would have been closer to perfect if you had used the new RiderX app from Victory Motorcycles. Not only does it alert you to weather conditions on your trek, it points you toward the lake with detailed directions, reminds you of gas stations and diners, and lets you share your journey with friends across social media. 

You use it for what you need, and that’s fine. It’s what it’s there for. 

But there are so many new features you haven’t take advantage of yet, like:

  • Viewing maps of public and featured routes across the U.S. combined with weather overlays
  • Planning your next ride by checking weather conditions and advisories anywhere in the U.S.
  • Locating and contacting Victory Motorcycle dealers wherever you travel
  • Seeing your current GPS location
  • Finding local services everywhere you ride, including gas stations, restaurants and lodging, with directions and direct dialing to their locations
  • Tracking and saving your favorite routes, plus trailheads, scenic spots and other waypoints on the ride, complete with photos and descriptions
  • Syncing your account data to the cloud and across multiple devices
  • Sharing your favorite routes with friends on Twitter and Facebook
  • Easily joining the club or state association that manages and coordinates your rides
  • Exporting route data to other devices in GPX or CSV format
  • Viewing stored maps on the route or outside data coverage, thanks to automatic map caching 

RiderX is available for Apple products and Android devices. Download it here.

Get more information about Victory Motorcycles, schedule a test ride or find a dealer near you. And tell us your next Victory destination on Facebook.

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