Five Motorcycle Gadgets No Victory Rider Should Be Without

Ah, gadgets: where we would be without the small doo-dads/knick-knacks/thing-a-ma-bobs that make our lives that much easier, often ingeniously so? Motorcyclists love their gadgets, and although riding a Victory is a complete experience in and of itself, there are plenty of gizmos that can make the ride that much better. Here are five gadgets that every Victory rider will love.


1. & 2. The BikeMaster® Multi Tool and BikeMaster Multi Tool with Sockets:

Both of these handheld toolsets are worthy of stashing in a free pocket or saddlebag. The BikeMaster Multi Tool is equipped with straight and cross-head screwdrivers, as well as a 4mm square driver. The handy device also comes with awls, a saw/ruler combo, and a 3” knife. The BikeMaster Multi Tool with Sockets is fitted out with six hex wrenches, three sockets (8, 9, and 10 mm) and a driver with a ball detent to secure those sockets. Both retail for under $20.00 each.


3. Sena Bluetooth® Headset:

For those riders who commute to work — and for those riders who are off on long-haul road trips and want to talk to home or the passenger on the back of their motorcycle — being without a cell phone is often problematic, but most Bluetooth headsets simply don’t fit under a helmet. Enter Sena’s headset. With speakers designed to be attached to the inside of the helmet walls and a mouthpiece that slots under the helmet and can be aimed at your mouth, your hands-free attachment worries might be solved. The entire unit is water-resistant, features wind-noise resistant construction and supports multipoint functions (i.e., smartphones with GPS capabilities). The headset retails for $185.



4. Garmin zumo® 660 GPS Series:

Garmin made a name for themselves with their line of consumer-friendly GPS navigation units. The zumo 660 is the company’s GPS specifically designed for motorcycles. Weather-proof, glove-friendly (the touchscreen allows riders to input and get info without removing their gloves) and even fuel-proof (Garmin claims that the materials used to make the zumo line are fuel-fume resistant), the 660 is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing riders to receive audible turn-by-turn directions. It also has an MP3 player in case you want to listen to your favorite tunes. The Garmin zumo 660 retails for about $850.



5. Ogio® Mach 5 Backpack:

Not everyone’s going to want to ride a Bagger. But most of us at some point are going to need to carry stuff with us on our rides, whether it’s our laptop, a change of clothes, or even some items from the grocery store. The Ogio Mach 5 may well be the best motorcycle backpack on the market. It’s the construction that makes all of the difference; the Mach 5 is aerodynamically sound, molded to reduce wind drag and conform to the rider’s back. The pack is made of what Ogio refers to as “single shot” hard molded material; it looks like a black turtle shell, but that solid structure is key to keeping wind drag at a minimum, as loose cloth can obviously be affected by drafts. And best of all, it’ll hold a lot of stuff: the carrying capacity is expandable up to 24 liters. The Ogio Mach 5 retails at about $170.


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