General Lee Café

Motos Illimitees /  Terrebonne, Quebec

General Lee Café

The General Lee car is known for its speed and rebel look. The Victory Octane was a perfect match to blend both the General Lee and Café Racer styles. It gives a unique and modern throwback to represent Victory Motorcycles American Muscle spirit. Not only are the bike’s looks impressive, but Luke and Bo would also love to ride our General Lee Café. ¨YEEE-HAAAW!¨ Modifications include: Front and rear suspension, Front brake system, Rear set pegs, Exhaust, Tail piece, Head lights, Handlebars & General Lee horn.

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Power To Burn

Octane is the most aggressive Victory Motorcycle ever build. Styled with sleek lines and equipped with a powerful motor in a lightweight chassis, Octane looks leaner and meaner than any other American motorcycle.