Michael Delaney

Britam Bikes AG /  Solothurn, Switzerland

Michael Delaney

It's an Octane with Classic Racer mix. Tribute to Michael Delaney from the Le Mans Movie with Steve McQueen. Time to build: 18 hours. Parts include: Classic Racing fairing & Seat, Straight Exhaust, Rearset with Rizoma Footcontrolls, Rizoma Clip-On, Nissini Brake & Clutch, Assembly with LSL levers, Kineo Wheels (not arrived), Paint Gulf style and Öhlins rear Suspensions (+3cm).

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Power To Burn

Octane is the most aggressive Victory Motorcycle ever build. Styled with sleek lines and equipped with a powerful motor in a lightweight chassis, Octane looks leaner and meaner than any other American motorcycle.