Octane Track 200

AS Motorradtechnik /  Buchholz, Germany

Octane Track 200

We made several updates, including the following: wider rear wheel (6.25" x 17") changed tires to a sporty Avons size 200/55-17 rear, front stock size, cut off the tail-frame behind the rear shocks, built our own rear fender (sporty moncoque), added a sporty seat, built our own 2-1 exhaust system with Remus Silencer, painted a fiery orange on grey, removed the stock front fairing, changed to a sporty steering bar, added black levers, and sporty black footrests, number blade holder sideways, and mini flashers front and rear with brake/taillight.

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Power To Burn

Octane is the most aggressive Victory Motorcycle ever build. Styled with sleek lines and equipped with a powerful motor in a lightweight chassis, Octane looks leaner and meaner than any other American motorcycle.