The Fighter Bobby Isaac #71

Victory and Indian Motorcycle Cote D’Azur /  Mougins, France

The Fighter Bobby Isaac #71

Victory Octane is a tribute to Bobby Isaac, the great Nascar racer. He won the NASCAR's Grand National Series champion in 1970 driving the #71 Dodge Charger Daytona. This record man became a legend in the race’s world. Stop LED Nascar Heretic F1. Painted : Kalifornia Kolor – Eric Salin. Saddlery NMB Design. Bike Avenue : Antony/Aurelien/Vincent. **some copy removed due to being in French.

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Power To Burn

Octane is the most aggressive Victory Motorcycle ever build. Styled with sleek lines and equipped with a powerful motor in a lightweight chassis, Octane looks leaner and meaner than any other American motorcycle.