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Your Two-Wheeled

Thrill Ride

A Victory® motorcycle is a non-stop, heart pumping, adrenaline machine. Every ride sparks a surge of exhilaration. Every mile reminds you why you love to ride. Each twist of the throttle accelerates a rush of emotions as 106 cubic inches of modern American muscle forms a direct link between the blacktop and your white knuckles. The open road is your amusement park, and a Victory is your ticket. 

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Receive a full year of standard roadside assistance coverage. Coverage includes towing assistance, flat tire assistance, jump starting services, and fluids delivery (charges apply). For rider care, call 1-800-809-6075. Through Roadside Assistance, Victory Motorcycle owners will also have access to Road America’s discount program to save on hotels and travel.

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Take control of your riding experience by discovering new scenic rides, building a detailed ride history of your favorite routes and sharing with others. Showcase your passion for riding. Register your vehicle in the Garage powered by RiderX. Personalize your rider profile, showcase the places you've been and manage the vehicles that got you there.