Victory Endurance Race Team Breaks The World Record

Victory Endurance Race Team Breaks The World Record

Victory endurance rider Urs “Grizzly” Pedraita has achieved a new world record by circumnavigating five continents in less than 100 riding days aboard his custom Victory Cross Country Tour. 

Grizzly rode away from Daytona International Speedway on March 11 flanked by hundreds of owners of Victory motorcycles who joined him to ride one lap of the Daytona 200 road course and escort him out of town for the first part of his journey. He returned to Daytona on July 10, greeted by Victory riders at Volusia Motorsports. 

From Daytona Beach, Fla., he traveled 3,971 miles in six days and 14 hours to complete the first leg of the ride in Panama City, Panama. He then continued traveling south 6,269 miles for nine days and 23 hours to reach Ushuaia, Argentina, at the tip of South America. From there, he returned 2,088 miles to Santiago, Chile, loaded his bike onto a plane and transferred to Australia, where he spent six days and five hours riding 4,604 miles west across the continent from Sydney to Perth. 

From Perth, Grizzly and his Victory were flown to Cape Town, South Africa, and awaited clearance through customs. Thereafter, he took 13 days and 23 hours for a 7,509-mile journey from Cape Town to Cairo, Egypt, and a ferry to take him across the Mediterranean to Tarragona, Spain. From there, he rode 5,447 miles in six days and 23 hours from northern Spain to Gibraltar to North Cape (Nordkapp) Norway. 

Grizzly then turned his wheel east, riding through St. Petersburg, Moscow, Irkutsk and Vladivostok during an 11-day-7-hour, 7,280-mile journey across Russia, a 4-hour and 249-mile tour through South Korea, and a 5-day-11-hour and 2,989-mile ride through Thailand and Malaysia. 

From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Grizzly loaded his bike onto a plane and traveled to Anchorage, AK, before resuming his tour across North America through Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Chicago and Santa Monica, Calif. to his finish in Daytona Beach. 

Time and position measurement for Grizzly’s record-setting ride were done via GPS and satellite tracking. Timing was not stopped on overland routes (i.e., when waiting to pass a country border or when the rider is sleeping). However, timing was stopped for air and sea transfers between continents and restarted once the bike arrived on the new continent. 




Q & A

What was the first Victory model you ever rode, and what impressed you about the bike?

UP: My first Victory Model was already a Victory Cross Country®. During the test drive, I was very impressed by the flexible and agile driving ability.

What makes the Victory Cross Country work so well for you in your distance riding?

UP: The low center of gravitiy is a big plus. In addition it is the easiness to ride such a heavy machine.

How have you modified the Victory Cross Country® for your distance riding?

UP: I just modified the seat for my ergometry and I increased the tank with 4 more gallons. In winter I also enlarge the wheels by one inch and put on some spikes.

What is your favorite type of terrain to ride on? Paved roads, or other surfaces like sand, gravel, snow, ice?

UP: I love paved roads, as every other biker, but on unusual streets I love snow and ice the most.

Which continent or country on your around-the-world ride do you look forward to the most?

UP: I am really looking forward to Africa because it is going to be challenge. In particular the stretch between Kenya and Tanzania through Marsabit.

Describe how you sleep during a distance record run. Do you stop for an entire night’s sleep, or nap whenever possible?

UP: I am only going to sleep for 8 hours during the lake crossing. Apart from this I will take power naps from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

What’s the most dangerous situation you’ve found yourself in during your distance riding?

UP: When I was followed by hungry wolves in the Siberian Taiga near Mogocha. I knew, if I made one simple mistake it would be over.

Will you carry a good luck charm or keepsake with you on your ride around the world?

UP: I always carry a good luck charm with me, but I don’t know yet what I will take this time.